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Welcome to a baby's world where all of life is new to discover. When you enter, please remove your shoes, and come in quietly as some of us may be sleeping. You may notice our teachers sitting on the floor, meeting us eye to eye to help us understand our world. We keep busy at school and would love to introduce you to our loving teachers.

Our philosophy of caregiving is based upon the research of Magda Gerber, the director of Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE). The philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori is implemented in addition to the insights of RIE throughout our curriculum. In our work with young children, our primary goal as teachers and caregivers is to respect each infant and toddler on his or her path toward self-development. We strive to show them the love, consistency and nurturing they need and crave. One glance in our infant center and you will instantaneously notice how much it feels like a family, how peaceful the teachers and aids are, and how engaging the environment is.


Ms. Terry

"I love to have the privilege of watching the children develop, as well as giving them a home away from home." ~ Ms. Terry


We have been lucky enough to have Ms. Terry with us for over 10 years. She is warm, nurturing, devoted and highly experienced. Our 3:1 ratio makes it ideal for us to give the most time and attention to our smallest students. Ms. Terry is truly a wonderful part of our school.


Ms. Barbara

"I love this age because they're discovering a world of textures, sounds, objects, language and caring for themselves. We also start to really see their personality and sense of humor. It's so much fun!" ~ Ms. Barb


In this small cozy group there is plenty of time for individual interaction. Self-feeding, sippy cups, circle time, story time and exploration of the infant yard are all included in the toddler fun-filled days. 

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Ms. Cecilia

"I love playing with the children all day. They are just a joy." - Ms. Cecilia


The energy in Ms. Cecilia's class is always delightfully busy. The day is filled with art, dancing, singing, and playing. The Montessori Method is introduced, and it is amazing to watch the children begin to grasp concepts and concentrate on small tasks. 

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