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Kindergarten / Elementary Tuition & Fee Schedule 2022-2023

Payment Options

September 6, 2022 - June 8, 2023

Payment plan
To be paid by
Annual Tuition ~4% Discount
Before March 4, 2022
Annual Tuition ~2% Discount
Before June 4, 2022
Annual Tuition
After June 4, 2022
Monthly Payment Plan
$1,365 / month [$15,015]
1st of each month, 11 payments August - June
International / Visiting Student
$2,500 / week (7:00 AM - 6:00 PM M-F)
One month minimum

Fees and Optional Services

Fee / Service
Fee - books and materials fee
Kindergarten through fifth grade
Fee - books and materials fee
Sixth through eighth grade
Fee - application
New students only
Fee - enrollment
New student
Fee - enrollment
Returning student
Optional - AM extended daycare
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
$90 per payment
Optional - PM extended daycare
3:30 PM – 6:00 PM
$150 per payment
Optional - AM & PM extended daycare
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM
$200 per payment

Other Tuition and Fee Information

  • Books and Materials Fee is due on August 1st, 2022 and is considered late and subject to late fees on September 6, 2022.

  • Discounts - A sibling tuition discount of 5% is deducted from the oldest student’s tuition for families with 2 children enrolled. A sibling discount of 20% is deducted from the oldest student’s tuition for families with 3 or more students enrolled. Sibling discounts will not apply to a discounted Annual Tuition Payment. This discount does not apply to am and/or pm daycare charges.

  • Extended AM and PM Daycare is payable on the 1st of the month along with the Academic Tuition payment. Students may arrive between 8:20 AM and 8:30 AM and may depart between 3:30 PM and 3:40 PM without incurring occasional daycare charges. Extended daycare rates are a flat monthly amount regardless of the number of days of school per month.

  • Occasional Daycare is available for parents as needed. Hourly billing will be applied to early drop off/late pick up if it is not your regular schedule. Please call in advance to notify the office. Occasional daycare will be billed at a rate of $15 per hour and will be billed to 8:30 or from 3:30. Ten (10) minute grace period does not apply.

  • After 6:00 PM the school is CLOSED - Late pick-up will be billed at a rate of $15 for every 15 minutes ($1.00 per minute starting at 6:00 PM).

  • Vacation Daycare will be offered during Winter and Spring Recesses at a rate of $7 per hour (please refer to the School Calendar). There will be no daycare provided during Thanksgiving Recess.

  • Late Tuition Payments – As per the Admission Agreement, a 10% late fee will be applied if the current payment is not received by the 15th of the month for the following month.

  • International / Visiting Students - $2,500/month with a one month minimum enrollment. Lunch is provided for the students.

  • Late Enrollment - Students entering the elementary or middle school program between September 6, 2022 and October 17, 2022 are charged full tuition. Prorated tuition will be applied for students entering the program on October 24, 2022.

We are unable to give credit for holidays, sick days or vacation days. Academic Annual Tuition may be paid as an annual payment in advance or it may be paid in 11 monthly installments. There are discounts offered for Annual Payments if they are made by specific dates. The Annual Tuition Discount applies to the Academic Tuition portion of your payments only. All other fees including Registration, Enrollment, Books and Materials and Extended Daycare are due in full. 

*Tuition may vary depending on enrollment situation

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