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Preschool Program

In the Montessori Preschool classroom, exploration and discovery are how a child becomes educated. They master their bodies, develop social skills, and learn to solve problems. A world that is rich in texture, color, developmentally appropriate materials and the beauty of nature is at their reach.


Respect for the child and the understanding that each child is an individual are the principles upon which our teachers are trained. Our teachers help guide the children in our prepared classrooms and model qualities the children will develop: curiosity, respect, compassion, humor, and honesty. We have 6 well-established, Montessori certified preschool teachers, all of whom care deeply about their role in the children's lives. 

Both the lessons and the materials available in our preschool classrooms cover the full scope of traditional Montessori Materials including the 5 basic areas of the classroom. Exercises for daily living skills (Practical Life), Math and Language, materials that enliven the child’s exploration of touch, texture, sound, color and shape (Sensorial), and cultural subjects including Art, Music, Science, Geography and Botany. There is also a lengthy free playtime to explore the natural setting of our playgrounds. This unstructured playtime is very important to allow the children to use imaginary play, which is an essential component of learning at this age. 

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