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Summer Camp Curriculum

June 12 - August 25, 2023
Call for more details: 949-855-5630 

The summer program at Montessori on the Lake consists of fun, academic-based activities and excursions designed for students age 5 (who have completed kindergarten) though 13. All topics are focused on a connection to nature because as Maria Montessori asserted, "There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature, to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature... so that the child may better understand and participate in the marvelous things which civilization creates." Within each week there is an emphasis on a specific aspect of nature and each topic will also encompass aspects of art, art history, physical activity & education, language arts, and of course, science. In addition to these topics, children will also participate in a number of field trips, both connected to the topics below and also to recreational destinations.

Field Trip

Oh, the places we'll go...



Image by Ciprian Boiciuc

Weeks 5 & 6

Exciting Engineering

Children's Race

Weeks 10 & 11*


Sustainable Energy

Weeks 1 & 2

Engaging Energy

Planet and Moon

Weeks 7 & 8

Out of this World

Image by Carmel Arquelau

Weeks 3 & 4

Amazing Animals

Image by 愚木混株 cdd20

Week 9

Puzzling Paradoxes

*Weeks 10 and 11 (August 15 and August 22) are available exclusively for students enrolled in Montessori on the Lake, Sunflower Montessori, or Appletree Montessori for the 2022 / 2023 school year. 

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