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Best Summer Camp Ever

June 13 - August 26, 2022
Call for more details: 949-855-5630 

Welcome to the Best Summer Camp Ever!

Designed for students age 5 (who have completed kindergarten) though 13, this summer camp is all about empowering children to be children! We are a true believer in experiential learning. During our summer camp, we don’t use textbooks or traditional “academic” instruction, but rather facilitate experiences for children to collaborate, think out-side the box, socialize, invent, and have fun!


Children will engage in all of the following enrichment classes each day.


Get your goggles on! It’s time to have fun and experiment. We’ll practice the scientific method throughout the summer as we conduct experiments and STEM activities in the areas of Physical, Life, & Earth Science.


Let’s get our hands dirty as we dive into learning about different art techniques and materials. We’ll learn to express our creativity while strengthening our skills.

Language & Literature


Expect some fun language games, stories, and activities in this class.  We’ll grow our vocabularies, story-telling skills, and comprehension through interactive experiences like Reader’s Theatre, language scavenger hunts and more!


This class will be all about teamwork, strategy, logic and fun! We’ll learn new games – both indoor and outdoor.  We’ll use our brains and bodies as we learn and practice games.


Field trips will be planned and are optional

International Students​

$600/week - Daycare included


Local Students​

$350/week - Daycare included

Summer Camp Schedule

*All field trips subject to change based on weather, availability, and other logistical issues

Activity Calendars
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