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We discovered Montessori on the Lake (MOTL) when my son was 2 years old. MOTL was one of several preschools we visited. Although the surroundings are a bit non-traditional (it is in a shopping center), my husband and I both liked the atmosphere and the less "clinical" feel of the school. We thought we would stay through preschool and then move on to public school. Well, our son loved all of his teachers and made wonderful friends. We stayed and our son is now in 5th grade.


Our experience has been excellent! The teachers really care about the students and provide a very personalized education. This style may seem less structured than public schools or other private schools, but it works. There is a strong focus on learning (not just academic performance) and individual responsibility. And that non-traditional location? It turns out to be a great environment. The local businesses are excellent neighbors and it really gives the area the feel of a small town.


We are confident that our son is getting an excellent education and know that he will be fully prepared for high school when he eventually leaves MOTL. Yes, private school is expensive, but I feel we get our money's worth because there are no furlough days/minimum days and my son gets a full day of instruction each day including physical education/art/music and all the subject areas that are missing at many schools today.

I would definitely recommend MOTL to any parent seeking a truly nurturing environment for their child!


Both of our boys attend/have attended MOTL and I can't say enough about how happy we are with our experience here. The teachers and support staff are exceptional!


The education my boys receive here are second to none and as an educator myself, I would highly recommend MOTL to anyone who wants their child to be successful!


Montessori on the Lake provides a truly unique learning environment for children of many ages. My son has been attending MOTL since he was an infant and it is his home away from home. He has developed great friendships and grown beyond my expectations during his time here."

The class sizes are small and there are several teachers per class room. The staff is extremely dedicated to the parents, teachers, and children. Most seem highly trained and if they are not they have me fooled! I have seen the director bend over backwards to make parents happy. They strive to pamper the parents!


Very clean - 100% satisfied with sanitation. Not like a day care setting. No chemical smells from cleaning. This is wonderful school and I would HIGHLY recommend Montessori on the Lake to anyone.


We travel quite a distance each day to school but we don't mind as long as my little one`s happy.



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