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Our vision is to develop the human potential.
"Free the child's potential and you will transform him to the world." - Maria Montessori

Head of School Welcome

Welcome! As parents, education is one of the most valuable decisions we can make for our children. I encourage you to learn more about us, whether you are already part of MOTL or just starting your search for the right school.

I have been with the school for over 20 years and love seeing our children grow and flourish in our school and beyond. Since our doors opened in 1988, we have been a proud part of the Orange County community - bringing together community members, family and teachers. As the world continues to evolve, we equip our students to engage as global citizens.

Beyond the broad range of curriculum and passionate teachers, students thrive at MOTL because we build partnerships with each of our families to fuel a love of learning. Our priority will always be our students, their education, and their growth.

Jules Everest, Head of School

Our Approach

We strive to inspire academic excellence and to nurture curiosity, creativity, and imagination. The Montessori philosophy encourages children to be independent, responsible and self-motivated.

Often, in even the best of traditional educational thinking, the student is viewed as a passive object. We believe instead that the most profound learning takes place when the process of education is linked to experiences, interests and capacities of the individual student.

When students are encouraged to use their own interests to engage with the subject matter, they work ambitiously, take greater responsibility for their endeavors, care deeply about their studies and are able to remember and apply what they have learned. We work with each student to develop an individual educational plan.

Our objective is to offer an academic program for our community that encourages children to learn at their own pace and enjoy learning and to offer our community a choice in education for their children. While our program fosters academic achievement, the atmosphere minimizes stress and competition and accentuates each child's strengths and successes over weaknesses.


Each class from infants through elementary has a lead teacher that is fully qualified to teach the Montessori Method. We have an established group of senior staff who have worked at Montessori on the Lake for a decade or more, including four original staff members who started our school with us in 1988. Depending on the age group, classrooms may have assistant teachers to support the lead teachers in line with state requirements.

Preschool, Two's, Infant Staff - COMING SOON
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