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Our programs are tailored to each age group and further individualized for every student to ensure optimal learning and growth.

We follow the Montessori Philosophy and stay current with the best practices in child development and education.


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In our work with young children, our primary goal as teachers and caregivers is to respect each infant and toddler on his or her path toward self-development. We strive to show them the love, consistency and nurturing they need and crave. 



The classroom is designed specifically for children who have had their 2nd birthday, between 24 and 36 month of age. It allows their new sense of autonomy and independence to flourish where they can explore, discover, develop language skills and vocabulary, and learn to express their feelings.


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In the Montessori Preschool classroom, exploration and discovery are how a child becomes educated. They master their bodies, develop social skills, and learn to solve problems. A world that is rich in texture, color, developmentally appropriate materials and the beauty of nature is at their reach.

Kindergarten / First Grade

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In Montessori education, we believe that learning to read, write, and work with numerical concepts is best accomplished one on one or in small groups. Our student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1 allows each child to have an individual educational program, to work at their own pace with plenty of teacher time.

Elementary School

Grades 2-5

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Our curriculum plan follows the Montessori method of elementary education, high academic standards, development of artistic and creative talents and stresses an individual education program similar to the local GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) classes.

Middle School

Grades 6-8


Our middle school is a unique space for the adolescent child. It is an academic preparatory program designed to help students navigate three critical areas: academic, social and emotional growth. We want our students to be strong and independent when they leave us.

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