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Welcome to Montessori on The Lake!

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Montessori on the Lake offers a quality education and a nurturing environment to culturally diverse families from South Orange County.

  • Facilitate the delivery of that curriculum in a manner that instills a sense of wonder about the universe and the child’s place in it.

  • Engage families in active participation in their children’s education. Parent involvement is the inspiration that fires a love of learning.

  • Extend the classroom out into the community, creating a web of exchange among community members, family and teachers and inspires that child to become a global citizen.

​We strive to:


  • Implement an individualized child-centered curriculum that includes movement, manipulation and discovery within a multi-age classroom.

Our Programs

We encourage the development of concentration, self-esteem, research skills, curiosity, self-direction, and active learning

A world that is rich in texture, color, developmentally appropriate materials and the beauty of nature is at their reach

The classroom allows their new sense of autonomy and independence to flourish

Our primary goal as teachers and caregivers is to respect each infant and toddler on his or her path toward self-development

Find us on Instagram @montessorionthelake

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